Frail Happiness

An Essay on Rousseau

By (author) Tzvetan Todorov Translated by John T. Scott, Robert Zaretsky

Hardback - £37.95

Publication date:

01 April 2001

Length of book:

104 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271021102

"We are all confronted, at one time or another, with choices as to what sort of life we will lead." So Tzvetan Todorov begins Frail Happiness, an important interpretation of Rousseau, one suffused with Todorov’s own moral seriousness and intellectual depth. While ranging widely through Rousseau’s corpus with skill and scholarly authority Todorov returns, again and again, to the fragile yet persistent hope for human happiness.

“Todorov accomplishes remarkably much in this brief book, and he does so with a clarity and grace that reflect his humanism and his intention to confront life honestly, characteristics he particularly admires in Rousseau.”

—Laurence D. Cooper, Review of Politics