Art, Liturgy, and Legend in Renaissance Toledo

The Mendoza and the Iglesia Primada

By (author) Lynette M. F. Bosch

Hardback - £86.95

Publication date:

19 October 2000

Length of book:

304 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271019680

In Art, Liturgy, and Legend in Renaissance Toledo, Lynette Bosch examines liturgical manuscripts that members of the powerful Mendoza family commissioned for the cathedral of Toledo at a time when it was the symbolic center of the Spanish nation. Using patronage as a filter, Bosch relates the style, content, and function of these lavish manuscripts to the many-sided ritual life of the Cathedral and, beyond that, to its social and political role in efforts to forge Spanish identity in the midst of the Reconquista.

Bosch’s study shows that the patrons of the Toledan manuscripts were active proponents both of the Catholic monarchy and of an extraordinary hybrid culture. Although medieval legend and history are laced through this "caballero culture," Bosch breaks new ground by also connecting it to the taste and outlook associated with the Renaissance. Art, Liturgy, and Legend in Renaissance Toledo includes a complete catalogue of the Toledan liturgical manuscripts.

“The breadth of learning in this book is complemented by its subtlety of analysis. A landmark in the study of later fifteenth-century Spanish art, this book will also impact the study of late medieval and early Renaissance art.”

—Jonathan Brown, New York University