Jutta and Hildegard

The Biographical Sources

By (author) Anna Silvas

Paperback - £28.95

Publication date:

31 August 1999

Length of book:

326 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271019543

This book presents in one volume the full range on biographical sources of the outstanding female religious figure of twelfth-century Germany, Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179). In addition it gives the English reading public the first in-depth view of Hildegard's spiritual mother, Jutta of Disibodenberg (1092–1136).

Most documents appear in translation for the first time. In particular, the Life of Jutta, which Hildegard herself instigated as a memorial to her spiritual mother, is a major source, recently discovered, that sheds new light on the early life of Hildegard. In addition to her accurate and sensitive translations, Silvas provides a detailed apparatus of up-to-date introductions, notes, and appendices.

Included are the following documents:

• Chronicles of Disibodenberg (selections)

• Charters of Disibodenberg

• Documents of Sponheim

Life of Jutta

• Guibert's Letter 38 to Bovo (including his incomplete Life of Hildegard)

Life of Hildegard

•Eight Readings to be read on the Feast of St. Hildegard

• Guibert's Revision of the Life of Hildegard

• Charters of Rupertsberg

• Canonization Proceedings

“No more fitting book could inaugurate Brepols’s new series devoted to medieval women than this volume of documents pertaining to Hildegard van Bingen (1098–1179).”

—Marianne E. Kalinke, Journal of English and Germanic Philology