Musical Worlds

New Directions in the Philosophy of Music

Edited by Philip Alperson

Paperback - £28.95

Publication date:

08 July 1998

Length of book:

196 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271017693

This volume, reproducing a special issue of The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism on "The Philosophy of Music" (Winter 1994) with a revised introduction and two new articles, is distinguished by its breadth of content, diversity of approaches, and clarity of argument, which should make it useful for classroom teaching.

The topics covered include musical representation, the expression of feeling in music, the metaphysics of operatic speech and song, musical understanding, musical composition, feminist music theory, music and politics, music and racial identity, music in non-Western cultures, and the ontological implications of recording technology for rock music. The approaches used are philosophical, historical, social and political, feminist, and ethnomusicological.

The book includes discussions of a great many styles and historical periods of music, from ancient Greek music and music theory to instrumental and operatic music in the Western classical tradition, Persian music, music of the Blackfoot Indians, rock and the blues, and the avant-garde compositions and performances of John Cage.

The contributors, all eminent scholars in the field, are Philip Alperson, Noël Carroll, Stephen Davies, Claire Detels, John Andrew Fisher, Lydia Goehr, Peter Kivy, Jerrold Levinson, James Manns, Bruno Nettl, Jenefer Robinson, Joel Rudinow, Göran Sörbom, Francis Sparshott, and Kendall Walton.