What is Music?

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Music

Edited by Philip Alperson

Paperback - £30.95

Publication date:

01 March 1994

Length of book:

428 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271013183

Contributors to this volume are Philip Alperson, Francis Sparshott, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Edward T. Cone, Peter Kivy, Jenefer Robinson, Joseph Margolis, Arnold Berleant, Morris Grossman, Jerrold Levinson, Stephen Davies, Martin Donougho, Roger Scruton, and Rose Rosengard Subotnik.

“The essays in this volume address fundamental questions about the ontology and meaning of music, about composition, performance and song; they range over problems in the evaluation of music and of the place of music in history and culture, generally. The list of contributors is most impressive. Alperson begins his very comprehensive and clear introduction with a historical overview of philosophical reflections on music and argues for the necessity of a distinction between a normative aesthetics of music which takes as its focus music in the fine arts tradition and the philosophy of music, a larger inquiry, which takes as its object the entire range and significance of music as a human practice. What is Music? reflects this distinction.”

British Journal of Aesthetics