Deepening EU-Ukrainian Relations

What, Why and How?

Edited by Michael Emerson, Veronika Movchan

Publication date:

22 August 2016

Length of book:

288 pages


Centre for European Policy Studies

ISBN-13: 9781786601735

The signing of the Association Agreement and DCFTA between Ukraine and the European Union in 2014 was an act of strategic, geopolitical significance in the history of Ukraine and Europe itself. Emblematic of a struggle to replace a corrupt, oligarch-controlled regime at home and to resist attempts by Russia to deny Ukraine its ‘European choice’, the Association Agreement is a defiant statement of the country’s determination to become a democratic, independent state.

The purpose of the Handbook is to make the content of this complex treaty clearly comprehensible. The first edition of this book has become an acknowledged ‘bible’ for all practitioners and scholars engaged in east European affairs.

This second edition carries the story forward, with a systematic assessment of the achievements and problems that implementation of the treaty has been witnessing over the subsequent years.