Just Food

Philosophy, Justice and Food

Edited by Jill M. Dieterle

Publication date:

16 November 2015

Length of book:

272 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781783483860

Who has access, and who is denied access, to food, and why? What are the consequences of food insecurity? What would it take for the food system to be just?

Just Food: Philosophy, Justice and Food presents thirteen new philosophical essays that explore the causes and consequences of the inequities of our contemporary food system. It examines why 842 million people globally are unable to meet their dietary needs, and why food insecurity is not simply a matter of insufficient supply. The book looks at how food insecurity tracks other social injustices, covering topics such as race, gender and property, as well as food sovereignty, food deserts, and locavorism. The essays in this volume make an important and timely contribution to the wider philosophical debate around food distribution and justice.

In Just Food: Philosophy, Justice and Food, a collection of authors contribute to a rich dialogue about the philosophical and ethical dimensions of various aspects of the food justice movement. . . . .Any scholar--from geographers and anthropologists to ethicists and feminists--and indeed any person, would benefit greatly from taking time to earnestly explore this book. Just Food: Philosophy, Justice and Food not only informs and critiques, but it also helps us to consider our positions in and understandings of food justice, in particular, and also justice, more generally.