The Radicalization of Pedagogy

Anarchism, Geography, and the Spirit of Revolt

Edited by Simon Springer, Marcelo Lopes de Souza, Richard J. White

Publication date:

31 May 2016

Length of book:

290 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781783486694

How do activists learn radical politics? Does the increasing neoliberalisation of education limit the possibilities of transgressive pedagogies? And in what contexts have anarchist geographers successfully shaped alternative pedagogic practices?

Pedagogy is central to geographical knowledge and represents one of the key sites of contact where anarchist approaches can inform and revitalize contemporary geographical thought. This book looks at how anarchist geographers have shaped pedagogies that move towards bottom-up, ‘organic’ transformations of societies, spaces, subjectivities, and modes of organizing, where the importance of direct action and prefigurative politics take precedence over concerns about the state. Examining contemporary and historical case studies across the world, from formal and informal contexts, the chapters show the potential for new imaginaries of anarchist geographies that will challenge and inspire geographers to travel beyond the traditional frontiers of geographical knowledge.
This book has changed my understanding of the discipline of geography – and its relationship to radical education; renewed my resolve to do something about the direction of travel in contemporary education; and refreshed my ideas on how to go about. I hope it will do the same for other colleagues – from the worlds of both research and activism.