India - Uzbekistan Partnership in Regional Peace and Stability

Challenges and Prospects

Edited by Rajiv Narayan, Dr. Batir Tursonov, Gaurav Kumar

Ebook (VitalSource) - £23.99

Publication date:

30 November 2018


VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd

ISBN-13: 9789388161251

The book is a comprehensive assessment of Indo Uzbek partnership for regional peace and stability covering the historical background of the relationship, the current trends, areas of contention and cooperation, the challenges, prospects and implication. The authors, all established specialists, examine the various components and dimensions of the relationship, and suggest ways to overcome the current stalemate. They also provide an insight into the steps to overcome radicalisation to be able to benefit from the resultant demographic dividend. Each section of the book comprehensively and systematically examines a particular theme of relevance and provides both Indian and Uzbek perspective on it, making it supremely insightful.