The Saga of Jagannatha and Badadeula at Puri (Story of Lord Jagannatha and his Temple)

By (author) J C Mahanti (Retd)

Ebook (VitalSource) - £26.39

Publication date:

01 May 2014

Length of book:

360 pages


VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd

ISBN-13: 9789382652458

The book is about lord Jagannatha - the established god of Hindus and His temple at Puri known as Badadeula. The book is for general reading for those interested to know about lord Jagannatha and His temple at Puri and not a historical treatise. Many of the descriptions and anecdotes in it are from the epics, legends and folktales that may or may not have historical relevance. But at the same time, they are interesting facts about lord Jagannatha since ages. The book with the captioned name is divided into four chapters (1) Lord Jagannatha, (2) The Temple - Badadeula, (3) The Festivals of Jagannatha and (4) Mahaprasada. (the food offerings to Jagannatha). The eight annexes deal with (i) Important temples in Puri, (ii) Important mathas (monasteries) in Puri, (iii) Different beshas (costumes/dresses) of Jagannatha, (iv) Important festivals in Badadeula, (v) Fables and facts about Jagannatha,(vi) Invasion on Puri and Badadeula by Afghans and Moguls (vii) Salient facts and figures about Badadeula and Puri and (viii) Places of interest in and around Puri.