Reflective Primary Teaching

Meeting the Teachers Standards throughout your professional career

By (author) Tony Ewens, Paul Cammack

Publication date:

07 June 2019

Length of book:

208 pages


Critical Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781912096169

This essential text helps student teachers, classroom teachers at all stages in their careers, school mentors and teacher educators develop their effectiveness by analysing and improving their practice in the light of a deeper understanding of the professional Teachers’ Standards. Each aspect of the Standards is dealt with in a chapter of its own, where the central topic is presented as both complex and contested in a way that invites readers to formulate their own interpretations. The approach accentuates the importance of reflection as a key professional attribute and readers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and on their responses to case studies and quotations as a means of helping them to develop their understandings.  

This new edition takes account of the current educational context, with an emphasis on evidence-based practice, and includes extension tasks to address M level demands, fully revised and updated chapters on SEND and assessment, and a completely new final chapter highlighting CPD and appraisal for serving teachers.

Very clearly presented text that incorporates all the relevant aspects related to reflective teaching.  Reflective teaching is a very important aspect of the role and it is vital that trainees are given structure to be able to do so effectively - this text will be used to support this process.