The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Schizophrenia

Edited by Jeffrey A. Lieberman MD, T. Scott Stroup MD MPH, Diana O. Perkins MD MPH

Hardback - £113.00

Publication date:

29 April 2006

Length of book:

453 pages


American Psychiatric Association Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781585621910

Although there are many books that consider aspects of schizophrenia such as research or clinical care, now there is a single resource that puts the many facets of this widely misunderstood disorder in perspective. The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Schizophrenia offers broad coverage that encompasses the current state of knowledge the cause, nature, and treatment of schizophrenia. Experts in a wide range of disciplines from North America and Europe have contributed chapters that address the complexity of schizophrenia in a comprehensive volume on this singularly perplexing mental illness.

No disorder is more challenging to psychiatrists and mental health care providers than schizophrenia, a condition that robs people of their personality and intellect and leaves them permanently disabled. This book leads readers through the maze of questions surrounding the disorder, from historical overview and epidemiology to consideration of comorbid conditions. It covers both genetic and environmental causes, describes all of the leading theories of schizophrenia -- neurodevelopmental, neurochemical, phospholipid, and neuroprogressive -- and explores the involvement of abnormal brain circuitry and the results of the latest neuroimaging studies. For practicing clinicians, the topics covered represent the most essential, timely, and informative insights for treating this most prototypic of mental illnesses: ? Approaching cognitive impairment as a potential psychopharmacological target for treatment, plus treatment strategies for improving functioning in individuals with social or vocational impairment.? An overview of selected antipsychotic drugs -- including common side effects -- as well as antianxiety/hypnotics, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and dopamine agonists.? A review of current proven psychosocial interventions designed to augment and complement drug therapy, highlighting the trend toward optimizing patient preference in the choice of treatment modality.? Keys to early identification of individuals vulnerable to psychoses and to assessing the potential for intervention with the promise of treatment earlier in life. ? Optimal treatment approaches for first episodes -- including individual, group, and family therapies -- to increase the likelihood of full recovery.? Special considerations for treatment of chronic schizophrenia, addressing frequently asked questions faced by psychiatrists in their daily encounters with patients.

While its causes and cure remain elusive, schizophrenia can be better understood with the help of the authoritative knowledge collected in these pages. Squarely confronting a disease that has long afflicted and baffled human society, this textbook will serve as a dependable source of knowledge for a generation of students, scientists, and clinicians to come.

I was delighted to see this book arrive. The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Schizophrenia will serve as the authoritative source on schizophrenia for mental health clinicians and will be a key resource for those interested in schizophrenia research. The text, spanning over 400 pages, reflects advances in both the neuroscience and the treatment of schizophrenia. From neurodevelopment to neurodegeneration, and even to the delivery of care in public sector services, the textbook covers the essentials of schizophrenia in a balanced and remarkably comprehensive manner.