The Arthur of Medieval Latin Literature

The Development and Dissemination of the Arthurian Legend in Medieval Latin

Edited by Siân Echard

Publication date:

31 March 2011

Length of book:

256 pages


University of Wales Press



ISBN-13: 9780708322017

King Arthur is arguably the most recognizable literary hero of the European Middle Ages. His stories survive in many genres and many languages, but while scholars and enthusiasts alike know something of his roots in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Latin History of the Kings of Britain, most are unaware that there was a Latin Arthurian tradition which extended beyond Geoffrey. This collection of essays will highlight different aspects of that tradition, allowing readers to see the well-known and the obscure as part of a larger, often coherent whole. These Latin-literate scholars were as interested as their vernacular counterparts in the origins and stories of Britain's greatest heroes, and they made their own significant contributions to his myth.