Publication date:

03 July 2017

Length of book:

528 pages


Scion Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781904842958

Anatomy and Physiology in Healthcare focuses on what healthcare students need to know about the biological principles which underpin the practice of healthcare.

All healthcare students have to study anatomy and physiology. They often find it a challenging subject and struggle to see how the subject will link to their professional practice.

This book is unique in that it integrates clinical cases with the essential biological facts to provide all students with a thorough understanding of how anatomy and physiology can be applied in healthcare.
  • By using clinical cases throughout , the book helps the reader grasp the practical relevance of anatomy and physiology to decision-making and care delivery.
  • The clinical cases have been carefully selected to reflect common conditions encountered in practice today, and the changing patterns of disease and healthcare.
  • Clear high-quality full colour illustrations, links to appropriate web-based content, and self-assessment material make this the perfect, practical textbook for all healthcare students.

"This textbook presents anatomy and physiology in a fun and interactive way.... It is divided into 14 chapters and the way the authors have introduced the information gives it a modern twist. For example, instead of titling a chapter 'The reproductive system', it is called 'From one generation to the next'. ..... What works particularly well is the way the authors have used case studies that reflect the reality of the changing patterns of health and disease.... This book provides a good foundation in clinical application and it seeks to link theory to practice."; Nursing Standard, 27 September 2017, volume 32 number 5
Five-star reviews:

Would recommend "Great read and very helpful for my nursing degree!" Amazon reviewer

Useful "Written by teachers in my uni and therefore recommended for my coursework.
Would recommend if you are a healthcare student doing your biology module!" Amazon reviewer