Cell Imaging

Methods Express

Edited by David Stephens

Publication date:

01 December 2005

Length of book:

350 pages


Scion Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781904842262

This book covers the key techniques that can be employed in any lab with access to cell imaging equipment, even if they do not currently specialize in imaging. It focuses on live cell imaging and light microscopy applications, but is equally relevant to the imaging of fixed specimens.

Key features

1. An introduction to cell imaging (David Stephens)

2. Confocal or wide-field? A guide to selecting appropriate methods for cell imaging (Mark A. Jepson)

3. Image quantification and analysis (Kota Miura and Jens Rietdorf)

4. Transmitted light imaging (Jon D. Lane and Howard Stebbing)

5. Spectral imaging techniques for fluorescence microscopy (Timo Zimmermann)

6. Measurement of protein motion by photobleaching (John F. Presley)

7. Imaging calcium and calcium-binding proteins ( Burcu Hasdemir, Robert Burgoyne and Alexei Tepikin)

8. Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (David Zenisek)

9. An overview of three-dimensional and four-dimensional microscopy by computational deconvolution (Jose-Angel Conchello)

10. Correlative microscopy using Tokuyasu cryosections: applications for immunolabeling and in situ hybridization (Miguel R. Branco, Sheila Q. Xie, et al.)

11. Fluorescence lifetime imaging (Klaus Suhling)

12. Homo-FRET measurements to investigate molecular-scale organization of proteins in living cells (Rajat Varma and Satyajit Mayor)

13. High-content and high-throughput screening (Elizabeth P. Roquemore)

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