The Censorship of British Drama 1900-1968 Volume 2

Volume Two 1933-1952

By (author) Prof. Steve Nicholson

Ebook (VitalSource) - £90.00

Publication date:

02 March 2015

Length of book:

440 pages


University of Exeter Press

ISBN-13: 9780859899048

This is the second part of Steve Nicholson’s four-volume analysis of British theatre censorship from 1900 until 1968, based on previously undocumented material in the Lord Chamberlain’s Correspondence Archives in the British Library and the Royal Archives at Windsor. It covers the period from 1933 to 1952, and focuses on theatre censorship during the period before the outbreak of the second world war, during the war itself, and in the immediate post-war period.

The focus will be primarily on political and moral censorship. The book documents and analyses the control exercised by the Lord Chamberlain. It also reviews the pressures exerted on him and on the theatre by the government, the monarch, the church, foreign embassies and by influential public figures and organisations.

‘Nicholson writes with wit and insight, and his work is always engaging. He has the happy knack of being able to offer analysis of extremely serious and complex issues in an entirely accessible way and illuminates his scholarship with immensely attractive and informative anecdotes and illustrations of one kind and another.’
(Martin Banham, Emeritus Professor of Drama & Theatre Studies, University of Leeds)