Publication date:

21 September 2005

Length of book:

256 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742542402

Heidegger's Being and Time: Critical Essays provides a variety of recent studies of Heidegger's most important work. Twelve prominent scholars, representing diverse nationalities, generations, and interpretive approaches deal with general methodological and ontological questions, particular issues in Heidegger's text, and the relation between Being and Time and Heidegger's later thought. All of the essays presented in this volume were never before available in an English-language anthology. Two of the essays have never before been published in any language (Dreyfus and Guignon); three of the essays have never been published in English before (Grondin, Kisiel, and Thomä), and two of the essays provide previews of works in progress by major scholars (Dreyfus and Kisiel).
Richard Polt has assembled a collection of insightful and provocative articles from the world's leading Heidegger-scholars. This eclectic volume brings Heidegger's magnum opus, Being and Time, into a critical forum where his most pivotal discussions of temporality, being, and human existence can be appropriated in new ways. Undoubtably, the student of Heidegger will find this volume to be extremely helpful for probing the depth of his thinking and experiencing how Being and Time continues to be influential.