The Collapse of Liberalism

Why America Needs a New Left

By (author) Charles Noble

Hardback - £91.00

Publication date:

03 May 2004

Length of book:

216 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742527560

In The Collapse of Liberalism, noted political scientist Charles Noble shows how the American political system frustrates progressive reform while taking liberalism to task for not being radical enough-for what he sees as a long history of accommodating the very same political institutions and corporate interests that it has wanted to challenge. As a result, Noble argues, liberals have been unable to solve the problems of class, race and gender inequality that bedevil the United States. In short, American liberalism suffers not only at the hands of conservatives, but also from its own failures of vision, will, and political strategy. Beyond a critique, Noble offers a breath-taking new progressive strategy for rebuilding America.

Clear and thought-provoking, The Collapse of Liberalism is a politically engaged interrogation of the way American liberals think about politics and social reform.
In his engaging and original critique, Noble examines why liberal/progressive leaders have, in recent years, lost their place at the helm of their natural constituencies and what can be done to remedy the problem.