The New Foreign Policy

Complex Interactions, Competing Interests

By (author) Laura Neack

Publication date:

08 August 2013

Length of book:

260 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442220065

Integrating theory and case studies, this cogent text explores the processes and factors that shape foreign policy. In her thoroughly revised and updated edition, Laura Neack considers both old and new lessons, drawing on a rich array of real foreign policy choices and outcomes. In new cases, Neack explores decision making in the Eurozone crisis, increasing nationalism in Germany and Japan and what seems to be growing bellicosity among Canadians, Obama’s grand strategy and the responses of rising powers Brazil and India, and the Egyptian youth revolution. Following a levels-of-analysis organization, the author considers all elements that influence foreign policy, including the role of leaders, bargaining, national image, political culture, public opinion, the media, and nonstate actors.
This dense yet apprehensible volume is made more accessible via the use of extensive cases to clarify the practical application of scholarly tools. Brief outlines of the content of each chapter's main subject areas significantly enhance the book's utility. Recommended.