Occupy Religion

Theology of the Multitude

By (author) Joerg Rieger, Kwok Pui-lan

Publication date:

12 October 2012

Length of book:

164 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442217911

Occupy Religion introduces readers to the growing role of religion in the Occupy Movement and asks provocative questions about how people of faith can work for social justice. From the temperance movement to the Civil Rights movement, churches have played key roles in important social movements, and Occupy Religion shows this role is no less critical today.
The Occupy Wall Street movement, as it pertains to theology, is examined here. The authors communicate clearly and compellingly as they offer examples from the Occupy events that provoke religious consideration and illustrate Occupy’s possible influences in the religious theater. The volume also looks back at Liberation theology and how some of the events of the 1960s had religious overtones. The Occupy theology concept, as delineated here, seems to offer new ways to define justice, opportunities to discover the divine through human diversity (including religious diversity), and pathways to authentically participative religion. The text’s discussion of historic underpinnings will assist the reader new to this field, while those familiar with the work of Hans Kung and Paulo Freire will appreciate grappling with this new focus.