Capitalists and Conquerors

A Critical Pedagogy against Empire

By (author) Peter McLaren

Publication date:

07 April 2005

Length of book:

368 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742541924

Capitalists and Conquerors is a series of path-breaking essays in the political sociology of education on topics hotly debated within the educational community. In this volume Peter McLaren addresses some of the most daunting political challenges of the current times, including the globalization of capitalism, the United States' drive towards world domination, strategies, tactics and models of resistance to neoliberalism and the ravages of empire-building, the role of the educator as a social agent and public citizen, the purposes and possibilities of public schooling, and the struggle for socialism. As a Marxist-humanist philosopher and social theorist, McLaren is able to offer new philosophical premises and socialist principles for building an alternative to capitalism. The passion, poetry and fierce political conviction for which McLaren is known is very much present in this volume.
In the dismal wake of the re-election of George W. Bush to the most powerful office in the world—a political scandal made possible by a resurgence of religious fundamentalism and Paleolithic conservatism, a hysterical fear of terrorism, and manufactured ignorance through corporate-controlled media and enfeebled school systems—the most urgent and fundamental issue of the day is advancing a radical pedagogy that can promote critical thinking, autonomy, and radical democracy. In this timely new work, Peter McLaren once again demonstrates why he is a leading critical theorist and a beacon of intelligence in dark times.