Overcoming Adversity in Academia

Stories from Generation X Faculty

Edited by Elwood Watson

Hardback - £70.00

Publication date:

04 December 2013

Length of book:

272 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761861393

This collection of essays written by seventeen Generation X academics passionately, provocatively, and eloquently demonstrates the personal issues, conflicts, and triumphs that are definitive of this generation. These essays define the voice of an often overlooked and ignored demographic.
While some contributions are stronger than others, as a whole the book achieves its purpose through the insightful and honest author self-reflections. . . .As a whole, the book presents an appropriate and necessary diversity of experiences [such as] race, gender, sexual orientation, discipline. While some chapters were stronger than others, it was a worthwhile book to read and would be a valuable addition to a post-secondary library.