Creating Brain-friendly Classrooms

Practical Instructional Strategies for Education

By (author) Lowell Biller

Paperback - £32.00

Publication date:

24 December 2002

Length of book:

112 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9780810846128

Educators have an incredible opportunity to influence the development of neural pathways within the brain of each student. Biller's guide to brain-friendly learning promotes an understanding of how the neuroscience discoveries of the past decade can be applied in today's classrooms. His four-step process called I-CAN, an acronym for: Instructional climate, Cerebral engagement, Abundant connections and Neural practice, provides instructional tools and strategies that are aligned with the way the brain naturally learns and will aid in effective teaching and discipline. This book bridges the gap between neurological research and classroom application. Intended for K-12 educators, this work will be of interest to parents and others looking for insight into how the brain receives, processes, and stores information.
What a challenge to educators! The truth is that we do have the power to influence or change the brain of every child in our classrooms. Dr. Biller offers practical research-based instructional strategies that enable educators to create the brain-friendly classrooms in which this challenge CAN be met!