A Primer on Business Ethics

By (author) Tibor R. Machan, James E. Chesher

Publication date:

28 October 2002

Length of book:

272 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742513884

A Primer on Business Ethics is an accessibly written, engaging introduction to the fundamental questions of business ethics, for use in the undergraduate classroom. Machan and Chesher approach the business enterprise in a friendly, pro-business spirit, and identify the virtue of prudence as its moral foundation. Various branches of business including advertising, financial services, management, employment, corporate ethics, responsibilities of corporate management, public policy matters, and political economy are considered at length. The book is supplemented with an overview of various moral and political theories relevant to the subject matter, as well as a collection of useful case studies to inspire further discussion. An electronic instructor's manual enhances the material in the book with chapter abstracts, a bank of true/false questions for each chapter, essay questions, and mini-essays. This manual can be requested directly from the publisher for instructors using the book in the classroom. To request a copy, send an email to textbooks@rowman.com.
Instructor Manual
Wonderfully provocative. It includes two helpful appendixes: a brief review of moral and political theory, and a helpful guide to case study formulation and analysis. Recommended.