Publication date:

29 July 2004

Length of book:

304 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742535862

In this book, two titans of social movement scholarship bring together the best current research on the nexus between the local and the global in translating the global justice movement into action at the grass roots, and vice versa. Using recent cases of transnational contention_from the European Social Forum in Florence to the Argentinean human rights movement and British environmentalists, from movement networks in Bristol and Glasgow to the Zapatistas_the original chapters by distinguished scholars presented in this volume adapt current social movement theory to what appears to be a new cycle of protest developing around the globe.
A very well concieved collection of articles on a still new and largely unexplored phenomenon, in spite of the fact that and increasing number of scholars have started to tackle it in recent years. Transnational Contention and Global Activism brings us a step further on the track set by them.