29 Rules for Smart Parenting

How to Raise Children without Being a Tyrant

By (author) Rolf Arnold

Publication date:

08 October 2015

Length of book:

144 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475814712

If we could look into the hearts and minds of our children, we would often realize how little contact there is when we are teaching them. Teaching without a relationship is like swimming without water! This means you cannot raise a child if there is no real relationship. Of course, it is all about the kind of relationship which you as the adult establish towards the children. This is not a partnership and our children are not our friends – they are something else and more: They need our adult voice, but also affection and guidance – in a positive, i.e., horizon-broadening, security-giving, and also a boundary-marking way. This book is about the concept of inclusive parenting and teaching. The 29 Rules for Smart Parenting are intended to help the reader to become more effective as parents and teachers.
You want to improve your parenting skills? This book skillfully guides you in thinking about your role as a parent and teacher. It shows how you can build a special parent-child relationship based on a loving responsibility for your child’s growth and the development of an individual personality.