Mr. Bernds Goes to Hollywood

My Early Life and Career in Sound Recording at Columbia with Frank Capra and Others

By (author) Edward Bernds

Hardback - £60.00

Publication date:

29 April 1999

Length of book:

352 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810836020

Edward Bernds came to Hollywood in 1928 to help United Artists make the transition to sound. He worked with some of the most notable directors in Hollywood including Frank Capra, Leo McCarey, and Howard Hawks. Though Bernds loved sound work, he had higher aspirations, and hoped to become a writer and director. His first breakthrough came during the mid-1940s on Columbia shorts starring the Three Stooges. Bernds worked with Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, and company for over twenty years as the Stooges' favorite director. A second breakthrough came when he wrote and directed feature length films, among them the science fiction classics: World Without End, Return of the Fly, Spacemaster X7, and Zsa-zsa Gabor's Queen of Outer Space. Edward Bernds witnessed all of the profound changes that Hollywood underwent from the advent of sound to the start of the Easy Rider era. Fortunately for students and fans of film, he tells his story in this fascinating and vivid account of his life in Hollywood.
I love the makes me feel as if I'm there, watching it happen, and that's an exciting feeling.