The Song of the Sirens and Other Essays

By (author) Pietro Pucci

Paperback - £42.00

Publication date:

28 November 1997

Length of book:

208 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780822630593

In this collection of his essays on Homer, some new and some appearing for the first time in English, the distinguished scholar Pietro Pucci examines the linguistic and rhetorical features of the poet's works. Arguing that there can be no purely historical interpretation, given that the parameters of interpretation are themselves historically determined, Pucci focuses instead on two features of Homer's rhetoric: repetition of expression (formulae) and its effects on meaning, and the issue of intertextuality.
Pucci's work is clear enough to recommend it to upper-division undergraduates as well as researchers, and even to those who doubt the contributions of these theoristsssss