How to Lead without Domineering

29 Smart Leadership Rules

By (author) Rolf Arnold

Publication date:

21 May 2014

Length of book:

148 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475809725

How to Lead without Domineering: 29 Smart Leadership Rules is a kind of tool book which contains almost 30 suggestions for self-reflection of leaders in any kind of leading situation – on the job, in a honorary post, or in any other context. Leaders reach their own limits and the limits of others, but how can they overcome these limits? What is characteristic for a good leader and how is it possible to achieve one’s objectives in cooperation with others?

Clever and wise leaders support contexts, form relationships, and promote spirit by consolidating the momentum or dynamic of groups, teams, and organizations. Clever leaders rarely use commands or lay down the law, even though instruments of power and their handling are not unknown to them. Clever leadership implies taking risks, as leaders who adopt the principles of this book give up one-dimensional arguing and if-then-logic statements.

Professor Dr. Rolf Arnold presents different tools for clever and effective leadership, and he shows how the typical challenges for a leader in the nowadays world can be met. His book is based on recent scientific findings in the field of leadership research and on almost thirty years of practical experience as a leader, supervisor, and coach within different fields and organizations worldwide.
This is a book for which we waited a long time. For too long, emotionally-poor leaders have damaged our people and weakened our organizations. Rolf Arnold’s book is a new starting point for emotional literacy for leaders. It opens our minds, providing us with prudent rules, tools, and instruments about the art of leading yourself, other people, and organizations. Arnold’s views are a breath of fresh air. I have learned much.