Mentoring with Meaning

How Educators Can Be More Professional and Effective

By (author) Carlos R. McCray, Bruce S. Cooper

Publication date:

21 August 2015

Length of book:

192 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475817966

Mentoring with Meaning, and its forthcoming companion, Making Mentoring Work, will help educators to mentor or to be mentored effectively in our schools. We all have had mentors, those key adults from family, work, and/or schools, who have assisted us in learning. Mentors help us to become good adults, skilled and able professionals, and contributing member of community and society. This book seeks to help everyone, educators in particular, to be mentored and to be a mentor.
In Mentoring with Meaning: How Educators Can Be More Professional and Effective, Drs. McCray and Cooper have deepened our conceptualization of an often-discussed topic that remains misunderstood. Mentoring is not advising or supervision, but is instead a relationship between a mentor and a protégé based on mutual commitment to each other’s success. This edited volume embraces, documents and explores many facets of mentoring and will be of interest and use to educators working in many contexts.