No Family History

The Environmental Links to Breast Cancer

By (author) Sabrina McCormick

Publication date:

16 June 2009

Length of book:

192 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742564084

No Family History presents compelling evidence of environmental links to breast cancer, ranging from everyday cosmetics to industrial waste. Sabrina McCormick weaves the story of one survivor with no family history into a powerful exploration of the big business of breast cancer. As drugs, pink products, and corporate sponsorships generate enormous revenue to find a cure, a growing number of experts argue that we should instead increase focus on prevention—reducing environmental exposures that have contributed to the sharp increase of breast cancer rates. But the dollars continue to pour into the search for a cure, and the companies that profit, including some pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, may in fact contribute to the environmental causes of breast cancer. No Family History shows how profits drive our public focus on the cure rather than prevention, and suggests new ways to reduce breast cancer rates in the future.
No Family History shows us ordinary people discovering the extraordinary truth of how to prevent most cancer. It forces us to ask the crucial questions: Who profits from causing, detecting, and treating cancer? Why do we hear so much about the search for a cure, and so little about preventing cancer in the first place?