Getting and Keeping New Teachers

Six Essential Steps from Recruitment to Retention

By (author) Janet D. Mulvey, Bruce S. Cooper

Paperback - £20.95

Publication date:

16 November 2009

Length of book:

110 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607092179

Retaining new teachers has never been easy and when the teachers are on the fast track in urban settings, turnover and retention are real problems. This book examines how schools can work to recruit, support, and somehow hold on to new teachers, many of whom have only limited formal preparation and experience in the classroom. Getting and Keeping New Teachers explores the orientation of new teachers, their lives in urban schools, and the key role of school leadership and strong collegiality, all of which combine in some cases to support and retain new teachers in important ways.
Getting and Keeping New Teachers by Janet Mulvey and Bruce Cooper makes an important contribution to our understanding of the single most important job of school leaders—the recruiting and retention of high-quality teachers. No one—not principals, superintendents, nor school boards—has a greater impact on students’ learning and achievement than teachers. Mulvey and Cooper identify six essential steps necessary to accomplish this task. This text will be useful in personnel recruitment and appraisal courses and to enhance principals' understanding of this complex issue, as a timely and overdue contribution to problems of administrator practice.