The Montessori Method

The Origins of an Educational Innovation: Including an Abridged and Annotated Edition of Maria Montessori's The Montessori Method

By (author) Gerald Lee Gutek

Publication date:

22 April 2004

Length of book:

306 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742519114

An essential resource for all students and scholars of early childhood education, this book offers a rich array of material about Maria Montessori and the Montessori Method. Distinguished education scholar Gerald Gutek begins with an in-depth biography of Montessori, exploring how a determined young woman overcame the obstacles that blocked her educational and career opportunities in Italy during the late Victorian age. The author then analyzes the sources and influences that shaped the Montessori philosophy of education. After laying the foundation for Montessori's development, Gutek presents an annotated and abridged edition of The Montessori Method (1912), the seminal work that introduced her educational innovations to a U.S. audience. The book concludes with key historical documents, including disciple Anne E. George's notes on the Montessori lectures and William H. Kilpatrick's critique of the Montessori method. Preserving the historical context of Montessori's contribution, Gutek also shows the continuing relevance of her thought to educational reform in the twenty-first century.
An outstanding contribution. Gutek has given us a treasure trove of information and insights to be mined over and over again. The Montessori Method is required reading for the college student who wants to find out more about this important figure in twentieth-century education reform, as well as for the scholar seeking original sources for Montessori research.