Making Sense of Social Theory

By (author) Charles H. Powers

Publication date:

16 January 2010

Length of book:

294 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442201187

Making Sense of Social Theory opens by carefully exploring what it means to follow the scientific method in a field like sociology. The book goes on to analyze sociology as a genuine science with a body of explanatory insights. Sociological theory is applied in ways that make its relevance and power apparent so that theory no longer stands divorced from real world research or practice. Making Sense of Social Theory clearly establishes the pertinence of sociology's great theoretical insights for all social science researchers and practitioners.
In the second edition of Making Sense of Social Theory, Charles Powers highlights the practical uses of social theory by expanding on real world, relatable examples that occur in everyday life. Students will find these examples accessible and ultimately learn a great deal about the applications of social theory in their own lives. Powers succeeds here in making classical and contemporary social theory—often obtuse and complex—relatable, sensible, and teachable.