The Transformational Decade

Snapshots of a Decade from 9/11 to the Obama Presidency

By (author) Herbert I. London

Publication date:

14 May 2012

Length of book:

178 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761859086

The Transformational Decade shows the transformation that took place in American life from the attack on the World Trade Center to the emergence of the Obama presidency. It is not a strict history, but rather snapshots of a decade that has fundamentally altered perceptions of the United States.
In some respects, this book is modeled after Frederick Lewis Allen’s Only Yesterday and Since Yesterday, acclaimed books that sought to capture the spirit of the 1920s and ’30s. London sees the period from 2001 to 2008 as “post yesterday,” a period that broke with the past, challenged the essence of the free market, and contested America’s role on the world stage.

In an effort to limn these snapshots from recent history, London has written several “decade” books: The Overheated Decade, The Counterfeit Decade, and The Decade of Denial. This book, The Transformational Decade, differs in that it represents a separation from the past. London illuminates a decade that he considers to be a new and more frightful period than any in recent American history.
There is always this complication involved in reading an analysis of our current cultural rot as seen through the eyes of Herbert London: he is himself one of the most consoling contradictions of his own diagnosis.