Play Intelligence

From IQ to PIQ

By (author) James W. Findlay

Hardback - £59.00

Publication date:

30 December 2014

Length of book:

174 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761865179

On the whim of an idea, a sophomore student, unlike any other sophomore, takes on the might of the academic world with one of the most thought provoking books written on psychology and philosophy. Play Intelligence: From IQ to PIQ challenges the very heart of our modern science with a radical, if not explosive, hypothesis that human intelligence is playing.
He takes on two of the most difficult concepts in science, since we first began to think of science. What is intelligence, and why do we play as we do? With a simple toy brick, he demonstrates how play affects our brain and thought processes and how our abilities transfer from one intelligence to another. He also demonstrates how play is vital in our education and communication, for both children and adults. Like the children all around us, if we dare but play, we could face the challenges in our daily life and have fun while doing so.
Play Intelligence: From IQ to PIQ is a profound and thought-provoking book, which explores and explains the expanding capacities of human intelligence, from both a scientific and a philosophical point of view. I highly recommend reading this book, which opens new ways for us to understand intelligence. Play Intelligence is a remarkable source showing a new understanding of intelligence, which is important for the future of our children.