The Party and the Arty in China

The New Politics of Culture

By (author) Richard Curt Kraus

Publication date:

22 April 2004

Length of book:

264 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742527195

In this original exploration of the dynamic and potent interface between Chinese culture and politics, Richard Kraus examines the impact of the market on the once-comprehensive system of state patronage of the arts in the PRC. The author uses all genres of art to explore the changing nature of politics, seen through such phenomena as ideology, propaganda, censorship, and the relationship of artists to the state. Kraus makes three provocative arguments: First, the commercialization of China's cultural life has been intellectually liberating, but also poses serious economic challenges that artists are sometimes slow to master. Second, despite conventional wisdom in the West that China's economic reforms have not been followed by serious political reform, he shows that the shift from state patronage to a mixed system of private and public sponsorship is in fact a fundamental political change. Third, Western recognition of the reformation in China's cultural life has been obscured by a combination of ignorance, ideological barriers, and foreign policy rivalry. Cogent, witty, and deeply informed, this comprehensive overview of the Chinese arts scene will be an essential text for all observers of contemporary China.
A cogent overview of the arts in general and the transmogrification of culture and its place in the Chinese polity today. . . . This accessible and solid study of the Chinese arts scene is a valuable piece of work that will find a wide readership both in academe and among interested groups—media, business, and government—dealing with China. . . . An essential text for students of post–1949 and post–1976 Chinese cultural, social, and political history.