Applying Family Systems Theory to Mediation

A Practitioner's Guide

By (author) Wayne F. Regina

Paperback - £32.00

Publication date:

10 November 2011

Length of book:

172 pages



ISBN-13: 9780761855743

The field of mediation currently lacks a unifying theoretical foundation. This book attempts to remedy that by presenting one such comprehensive theoretical model. Family systems theory is based on the work of Murray Bowen, who was among the initial proponents of family therapy. Bowen family systems theory describes human relationships and human functioning using a systemic lens that conceptualizes human behavior through an intricate web of emotional processes. As a practicing mediator, teacher, and academic, Regina offers a systemic understanding of successful mediation, meditation techniques, the relationships between disputants, and the importance of mediator emotional maturity. He discusses the co-mediator relationship, the effects of multiple parties such as attorneys and stakeholder groups on the mediation process, the reasons for failed mediation, and the overall importance of theory in practice. This book provides a practical guide for the mediation practitioner and will assist both experienced and novice mediators in successfully navigating the often-intense, emotional minefield of mediation.
Wayne Regina offers an extremely readable, insightful, and useful guide to how we can think and act as mediators. His application of Bowen family systems theory to mediation practice sheds considerable light on how communication patterns, emotional exchange, and system dynamics influence what happens at the mediation table. . . . I highly recommend this work. . . . It is not only eye-opening, but also a very pleasurable read.