Publication date:

13 May 1999

Length of book:

512 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780847689286

The volume documents, and makes an original contribution to, an astonishing period in twentieth-century philosophy—the progress of Arne Naess's ecophilosophy from its inception to the present. It includes Naess's most crucial polemics with leading thinkers, drawn from sources as diverse as scholarly articles, correspondence, TV interviews and unpublished exchanges. The book testifies to the skeptical and self-correcting aspects of Naess's vision, which has deepened and broadened to include third world and feminist perspectives. Philosophical Dialogues is an essential addition to the literature on environmental philosophy.
For fans and devotees of deep ecology, the book is essential, with its copious collection of relevant articles and Naess's classic but often evasive responses.