Hardback - £80.00

Publication date:

16 December 2011

Length of book:

252 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442211698

The newest installment in a quadrennial series that now spans five presidential elections, this book presents a broad overview of the presidential nomination process and showcases some of the most interesting work now being done on the politics of presidential selection. Written by leading experts, including a former presidential candidate, The Making of Presidential Candidates 2012 covers a wide selection of topics, including the Tea Party, digital media campaigns, how television covers the nomination process, election forecasting, and campaign finance. The Making of the Presidential Candidates 2012 is valuable for students, specialists, and all readers with an interest in the ever-evolving presidential nomination process and American elections.
This book is essential reading regarding the 2012 presidential election. The authors address vital questions of systemic importance regarding presidential selection, employing consistently sound arguments and evidence along the way. College classes on American parties, elections and the presidency will find this highly useful.