Answering the Call to Teach

A Novel Approach to Exceptional Classroom Instruction

By (author) Charlese Brown

Publication date:

18 May 2012

Length of book:

92 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781610487443

Answering the Call to Teach: A Novel Approach to Effective Classroom Instruction makes the case that effective teaching begins with people who have a sincere calling to teach. The book discusses how children respond more creatively to teachers who have a calling. These teachers are more passionate, more interested in going that “extra” mile for children, and who, by design, encourage other children with the gift to teach to carry the torch. There is more to teaching than purely translating academic concepts to children. Teaching is a vocation. The book creates a framework by which training institutions can use so that our children are getting the best teachers. This is the most effective method in the classroom – the right teacher.
Today, more than ever we need teachers who are alive, who are passionate and who teach because it is their calling to teach. Those who are alive and awake, awaken others with their love passion. Charlese is one such woman and her book is a rallying call for to those who are called to make teaching their vocation.