Building Powerful Learning Environments

From Schools to Communities

By (author) Arina Bokas

Publication date:

24 December 2016

Length of book:

184 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475830927

Building Powerful Learning Environments takes a close look at the trends of the Post-Digital Era through the prism of how systems of education can meet the needs of our times and offers a systemic approach to creating a different canvas for learning that aligns to these changes. At the center of the book are the concepts of a learning environment and a culture of partnerships.

A learning environment has traditionally been viewed as something that educators created and sustained inside their schools. Building Powerful Learning Environmentsexpands this understanding to embrace families, communities, other learning institutions, and businesses not as helpers, but as co-builders of a powerful learning environment. It demonstrates that schools have to take the first step in this direction by becoming the center of a new educational culture - a culture of partnerships.

This book looks into various ways of creating this culture at district, school, and classroom levels. It provides practical guidance, strategies, and tips as well as some conceptual understanding of what can be done to create and support this culture at various levels of educational leadership.
Building Powerful Learning Environments takes us far beyond the walls of schools and into a present reality: The global village is the classroom and young people encounter information, learning experiences, and opportunities to be challenged around the clock. How do we support and nourish these learners? With clarity and precision, Arina Bokas describes a new model of collaborative partnerships in which parents no longer view schools as the primary source of learning, and schools no longer insulate themselves from parents. The result is a powerful argument for seeing learning as an interconnected journey fueled by a common vision for the future.