Stirrings in the Archives

Order from Disorder

By (author) Wolfgang Ernst Translated by Adam Siegel

Hardback - £73.00

Publication date:

14 August 2015

Length of book:

108 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442253957

Like most of Wolfgang Ernst’s work, Das Rumoren der Archiv explored the concept of archival and media theory from a current cultural digital context. Ernst challenges the traditional perspective of the cultural heritage institution and how it relied on media for creating, storing and disseminating digital information. Archives have a place in a digital society, and the archivist’s role will be more increasingly vital in the future. As Ernst points out, his work will show a way out of the archive, away from the notion that the era of archive is coming to an end.

Here is the long-awaited English translation of this seminal work exploring cultural heritage before the archives, throughout history, and from today into the future.

Ernst work emphasized a need to recognize media as a method for capturing and preserving our collective cultural identity. It is vital that archivists promoted a greater awareness of how media technology augmented the creation, management, and dissemination of digital content.
The publisher and the translator are to be credited with bringing Ernst’s work to Anglophone attention. . . . In short: if you found Foucault and co. worth reading, you’ll enjoy this.