Student Mobility

Creating an Environment for Social and Academic Success

By (author) Jane Stavem

Publication date:

17 September 2014

Length of book:

122 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781610489768

Student mobility is an issue that affects school districts large and small across the nation. Schools can do very little to control the causes of mobility, but a great deal can be done to reduce the negative effects for mobile students through effective planning and consistent practices. Schools must focus on collaborative efforts to provide a welcoming environment for all families, assuring a positive transition for every student at any point during the school year. Mobility is rarely convenient or planned. Children are not in control of the choices that result in frequent school changes. Our job as educators is to help all students effectively transition into new schools, making connections with other students, staff members, and the community. In doing so, they are given the best chance of social and academic success for however long they are in our care.
Stavem’s book addresses mobility – an issue many complain about, but few have solutions. Jane not only provides structures for helping schools dealing with increased mobility, but clearly articulates the caring attitude all educators should possess. Because a great deal of a school’s success or failure rests on leadership’s ability to administer mobility in a smooth, successful manner, this book is a must-read. Practical help is finally here.