Publication date:

14 August 2008

Length of book:

340 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780765705334

Supervision Can Be Playful offers clinical supervisors of mental health professionals a comprehensive and thoughtful resource. The text focuses on the clinical supervision of child and play therapists, with supervision interventions that can be augmented for use with mental health professionals who provide supervision to adolescent and adult therapists. The perspectives discussed regarding the role of the clinical supervisor are universal and readers will find them relevant regardless of the age group they are working with. The text addresses the roles and processes of clinical supervision from a unique playful perspective, and from an eclectic theoretical orientation. Each chapter author offers a piece of the supervision puzzle and offers the reader clear guidelines for implementing techniques and the rationale behind them.
This book skillfully combines theory and practice with a variety of detailed case examples demonstrating how the use of playful interventions in supervision can foster the professional identity development of both beginning and experienced play therapists. Using a hand-on, creative approach this excellent resource and guide argues convincingly about the value of expressive and creative arts as effective tools in facilitating the professional growth of play therapy practitioners.