Political Blind Spots

Reading the Ideology of Images

By (author) Raphael Sassower, Louis Cicotello

Publication date:

08 June 2006

Length of book:

152 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9780739111376

In order to better understand the conditions of the twenty-first century Raphael Sassower and Louis Cicotello revisit the twentieth century in Political Blind Spots: Reading the Ideology of Images. Sassower and Cicotello revisit some of the most significant periods in art and politics in the twentieth century paying close attention to the relationship between aesthetics and politics.
Discussing art as a function of politics, this book offers a fresh perspective on the place of art in our lives and our society. Writing in a direct and accessible manner, Sassower and Cicotelli bring clarity to a complex range of materials and philosophical positions.