Choosing Our Choices

Debating the Presidential Nominating Process

By (author) James W. Davis, Robert E. DiClerico

Paperback - £25.00

Publication date:

10 May 2000

Length of book:

176 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780847694471

Probably no feature of the American political system has been subject to more sustained criticism over the last twenty-five years than the process by which we choose our presidents. In Choosing Our Choices, Robert E. DiClerico and James W. Davis debate the question: should we retain the present, primary centered "direct democracy" method in selecting presidential candidates or should we return to a representative decision-making process to nominate our candidates? This timely and thought-provoking text offers the reader a concise yet comprehensive analysis of the presidential nominating system, arguments for and against the current system, and supplemental documents and essays for further reading. Choosing Our Choices will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars interested in exploring how Americans choose their leaders.
In the wake of the most expensive and one of the most tumultuous presidential nominating seasons in American history, it is appropriate to try to better understand that process and evaluate its merits. In Choosing Our Choices, Robert E. DiClerico and James W. Davis provide a clear and concise explanation of how the presidential nominating system operates and engages in an illuminating debate about its strengths and weaknesses.