Strong Spirits, Kind Hearts

Helping Students Develop Inner Strength, Resilience, and Meaning

By (author) Sandra Finney PhD

Publication date:

23 May 2013

Length of book:

218 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781475802092

Strong Spirits, Kind Hearts is the first practical teacher resource to provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of developing strong spirits and caring young people. It is focused on middle years’ students but most lessons can be adapted for older and younger students as well. This resource describes ways to incorporate emotional and spiritual supports into daily routines and interactions with students and provides ready-to-use activities, lessons and units that can be integrated into subject area teaching. This book helps teachers to:
  • understand the importance of strengthening students’ spirits and how this support improves students’ learning and classroom morale
  • build resilience and hope through their interactions with students
  • distinguish between the development of strong spirits and religious education
  • use approaches that are respectful of religious and spiritual diversity as well as more secular views
  • implement a wealth of strategies, lessons, and units that develop students’ compassion and sense of connection to others and the natural world
  • integrate a focus on meaning and purpose within subject area lessons.
Strong Spirits, Kind Hearts is an impressive and inspiring compilation of ideas, activities and lessons that promises to enrich students' spirits within public education. Sandra Finney encourages transformational approaches to learning. Her book is a must-read that is easy to use without oversimplifying essential ideas and processes.