Good Governance is a Choice

A Way to Re-create Your Board_the Right Way

By (author) Randy Quinn, Linda J. Dawson

Publication date:

16 April 2011

Length of book:

150 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781610483124

This book comes with a promise: after reading it, you will never again think of board work the same as before.

Good Governance is a Choice is a book about, and for, boards of public and non-profit organizations. Its central focus is on public school boards and the special challenges they face, but the governing model it introduces, Coherent Governance , is applicable to any board of any type.

Coherent Governance is a policy-based governing model that features a fail-proof means for creating absolute role clarity for boards and their CEOs. The model offers a process for boards to control operational decisions without making them, allowing them to spend the dominant part of their time on what matters—whether the organization is delivering the goods for the clients it serves.

The authors challenge readers to consider themselves to be the very first board elected or appointed to serve their organization and to thoughtfully craft a governance role and board processes to allow them to best do their work—unencumbered by past practice and tradition. They draw from their combined 60-plus years of experience in working with public and non-profit boards as they present their state-of-the-art governing model.
Linda Dawson and Randy Quinn demonstrate that there is a direct link from the board improving its performance to the organization improving its outcomes. An effective board supports a successful organization; an ineffective board hampers an organization's success.