What to Expect and How to Respond

Distress and Success in Academia

Edited by Earl Wright II, Thomas C. Calhoun

Publication date:

21 September 2016

Length of book:

218 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475827446

What to Expect and How to Respond offers a solutions oriented glimpse into life in academia from the vantage point of groups including students, faculty and administrators. This interdisciplinary anthology provides insight into the profession for graduate students planning on becoming academics; brings to the attention of junior faculty potential tenure and promotion pitfalls as well as strategies to successfully overcome potential obstacles; offers senior faculty strategies to improve collegiality and the workplace environment; and provides administrators with tools to proactively and effectively contend with sensitive managerial matters. This interdisciplinary anthology is useful for undergraduate and graduate students of any discipline designed to prepare them for a career in academia whether as staff, faculty or an administrator. Moreover, this volume is a fine resource for those already in academia who may be experiencing any one or number of specific challenges highlighted from which useful survival strategies could be garnered.
The collection of essays assembled in What to Expect and How to Respond offers clear insight into the world of higher education as experienced from the vantage point of minority faculty and administrators, at various stages of their careers. Each compelling narrative emphasizes overcoming challenges and obstacles in “tense” and oftentimes “traumatic” environments. This unique text provides readers with a lens to deconstruct events and ways to build resilience within institutions in which they could otherwise feel defenseless.